Take a look at the picture here to the left. It’s hard to believe, but if one month ago I had taken a photo from the exact same spot as I took this one, you would be getting a nice look at our gymnasium. Now, you’re seeing a remodeling project that is quickly nearing completion!

To accommodate our growth, our church is planning on building a larger sanctuary in the future. However, we need more space now! So, in a move of great flexibility, our congregation voted to drastically change our gymnasium. Two new classrooms have been added now, but the biggest change is the addition of a small sanctuary. As seen in the photos here to the right, this room is going to serve as an overflow-seating worship space that will carry a live video feed of our services taking place in the sanctuary. The video room will seat at least 80 people, and will be designed to provide a worship space that is both inviting and engaging. Crews did their first test of the high-definition video signal last night, and we were all very impressed with the result.

Along with adding worship and classroom space in the gymnasium, our volunteers are also expanding our lobby and widening the hallway that connects our sanctuary to our classroom spaces. This was no easy task, and required a lot of reconfiguring of our existing rooms! Our trustees put together a fantastic plan, though, and are also putting in an incredible amount of work to get it accomplished. All of the remodeling should be finished well before Easter, allowing us to be ready for company!

We are incredibly thankful for all of the hard work that our volunteers have put in, and also for a church family that is willing to make adjustments and sacrifices to make more room for new faces! We’re thankful for what God is doing in our Liberty Hill family, and thankful to face the future with confidence that the best is yet to come!

Grace Received,                                                                                        Pastor Joe