Even though Mondays may not always be much fun, we’re thankful that we can take a moment on Monday and look back on a great Sunday at Liberty Hill! Preston and our worship team gave us the chance to  worship through song, and for me, the crowning moment was the song, “God You Reign.” This song is a great tool for not only expressing ourselves to God, but also reminding us that above all of creation, beyond all of life’s challenges and mysteries, God is in control and reigns over all!

Pastor Phil took a moment during the time of worship to lead us in a time of thanksgiving and prayer. Last week was an incredibly tough week for several in our congregation as some battled serious illness and others coped with tragedy. Yet, it was also a week filled with wonder. The devastation caused by the tornado that came through our area was horrible, but we are so thankful it was not even more devastating. The Jackson and the Woods families were worshipping with us, and we all recognized that we could instead be trying to come to terms with their loss. After visiting with them at the remains of their homes and hearing their stories, I can not fully express how they each narrowly escaped an even greater tragedy. This time of prayer was a needed way to draw close to God and to one another, and to be refreshed in hope.

My sermon was on “The Good Samaritan,” and we continued our look at the greatest ideas Jesus expressed to His followers through parables. In the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus reminded us that our religion should never be greater than our love, and that we are never loving God any more greatly than we are loving one another.

Our music had a special touch Sunday, as Jeff Copeland and his daughter Samantha provided the music for our time of response and worship, and also led us in a time of worship through giving. Although the Copeland’s are amazingly talented, the powerful sense of God’s presence during this time of worship was due to far more than their talent! It was a fantastic way to wrap up our morning!

I pray that you’re able to also look back on a great Sunday wherever your were, and that you, too, have been refreshed in the greatness of God!

Grace Received,                                                                                                – Pastor Joe