Hi everyone,

With the storms behind us, we are left with a reminder of how fragile life is, and how much it means to have hope in God. Two families connected to Liberty Hill suffered loss in yesterday’s tornado that swept through our area, but thankfully, the losses are measured only in physical property. The Jackson and the Wood families are especially in our thoughts and prayers, as are all of those dealing with the storm’s aftermath. Volunteers are continuing to help with clean-up, and they also need our prayers. As you can see from photos of the homes of these two precious families, their world was turned inside out. We all have a sense of what is “normal,” but we often take “normal” for granted. Our worlds can change in an instant, and we can easily find ourselves scrambling to adjust. It’s in those moments that faith and hope become driving forces that enable us to press on. May God help us all to never drift from trusting His grace to bring us through!

Sunday is on the way, and I’m looking forward to the chance to draw close to God through worship with our Liberty Hill family. This Sunday is part 2 of our new series, “Parables of Principle,” which focuses on the stories Jesus told that conveyed His greatest principles to His followers. I’ll be delivering the message, and I’ll be looking at the familiar story of “The Good Samaritan.” Jesus used both negative and positive illustrations in that parable to teach ultimate truth and also challenge assumptions. The story is both confrontational and inspiring; something which we all need from time to time! I hope you can be with us, and I hope we’re all a little changed for the better through the experience!

– Pastor Joe