With Monday unrolling again, I’m thankful that we had another great Sunday yesterday at Liberty Hill!

We began our worship time by recognizing Mike Harris for his completion of the General Baptist LAMP Level 1 ministry program. LAMP (Leaders Advancing Ministry Program) is a study and mentoring program designed by our denomination to help laypeople step into the ministry. Mike is looking to follow God’s call on his life, and took on LAMP to help him take the next steps. We’re proud of Mike, and are thankful for all that he and his wife Rewa bring to Liberty Hill!

Our worship team led us in a fantastic time of experiencing God through music, and our hearts were ready for our Worship Pastor, Preston Owens, to preach at Liberty Hill for the first time! He did a great job reminding us that one of the fundamental concepts Jesus wanted to instill in His followers is that of humility. We may often feel the need to be noticed, honored, or otherwise come in ahead of others. Jesus, however, taught that in our desire to be first we may actually be coming in last. The call of Christ in our lives is to seek to be servants, and we’re thankful for the way Preston helped us remember that!

Preston’s message kicked off our new sermon series, “Parables of Principle.” For the next several weeks, we’re going to be focusing on some of Jesus’ most crucial ideas that He wanted to pass on to His followers. The great stories Jesus told help us remember where our focus must be, and the need to shift our way of thinking to develop a greater perspective on what it means to honor God. God has been doing great things in our church, and we’re excited about where He continues to lead us!

Whether you’re an observer from afar, or an active participant in the Liberty Hill family, thank you for praying for our church family and for seeking to grow in the Kingdom of God!

– Pastor Joe